Retreats take us from the hustle and bustle and numerous distractions of our daily life to a place of calm and relaxation. We hear the silent whisper of our soul and connect with our deeper longings.

Why are retreats important?

There are multiple reasons: they allow us to withdraw, to become inspired, to find our center, to meet like-minded people and to just have fun. Retreats happen in places where you can take yourself out of your daily routine. You focus on yourself and recharge your batteries, doing things that feel good for you. You find your inspiration and then you put it into practice.

Directly translated, inspiration means “to breathe in”. You breathe new impulses into your life, so to speak. How this happens is different for everyone, but one thing is certain: Creativity and inspiration come when you take the time to remember your dreams and visions. You play with what inspires you, be it writing, jogging, painting, cooking or a little bit of everything.

Each of us has to clear the mind from time to time in order to feel at ease, to become lighter, clearer, more charged, more refreshed and more present. This can lead to you making changes in your life that you have known about for a while.

In the retreat you can just be yourself. You meet other people who are in a situation similar to yours. They are all looking for a place to retreat to, to do yoga, write a journal, cook, paint, reflect, laugh and celebrate life. They come from different countries, cultures and age groups. In retreat, people allow themselves to be different and that inspires you to do more of your own thing.

When do we meet?

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