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Today a blog on our own behalf: Did you know that you automatically become a tour operator when you conduct a retreat? And have to register a travel business for this? Or why it is best to look for an alternative right away? By definition, a retreat organizer / retreat guide, who plans and conducts a retreat, becomes a tour operator as he markets so-called tourist offers.

It makes no difference whether there are creative or sporty soul soothers planned in the retreat, whether movement or personal development is offered. The point is that almost all retreats take place on several consecutive days away from the place of residence of the participants - mostly in dreamlike locations. It is obvious to offer the participants accommodation and meals in the retreat location. And these services then go beyond the actual subject of the retreat, according to law.

Since we at boutique retreats prefer to take care of wonderful content and professional retreat processes on site, we have entered into a cooperation with tour operator Wainando, who offer meditation and meaningful travel worldwide ( There we have real full-service professionals at our side who are happy to take care of the perfect setting for our varied retreats and advise our participants with passion and a wealth of experience. A real win-win situation for everyone. In my experience, in addition to the atmosphere of a well-thought location and program, optimal support when booking travel contributes significantly to an unforgettable retreat experience. The colleagues have also realized their heart project with the creation of Wainando and you can feel that while being in contact with them with every fiber.

By working together on the same wavelength, we create precious and carefree moments for you. These beautiful experiences and unforgettable memories make our guests real retreat lovers, which we are very happy about and for which we are very grateful.

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