I knew that I wanted to work with the senses in the retreats. The only thing missing was a term for the different offers (activities), to which I could say: yes, that's what I mean. So, I did some research and with one word my heart immediately started beating faster: Soul Soother. Soul Soothers do exactly what I want to convey – they open and nourish the soul; they soothe our soul with the help of our senses. But what does that mean?

You surely know the feeling of sheer joy when you have a good belly laugh? That smile that comes up when something beautiful reminds you of your dream trip? It's a feeling; that's what ultimately makes a Soul Soother. Soul Soothers are this mixture of joy, creativity, awareness and all-round warm feelings. Soul Soothers are activities and habits that bring balance into your life and bring you into harmony with yourself.

Which Soul Soother brings joy to your heart?

The best way to find out which Soul Soother really appeals to you is to observe yourself during the retreat and see which feelings emerge during the individual Soul Soothers. Whether painting, dancing, yoga, hiking, drumming, photography, meditation or journaling, just look at what speaks to you, what fulfills you and let yourself be involved. You will quickly notice which one is your special Soul Soother.

Little everyday Soul Soothers can wonderfully enrich your daily routine outside of the retreat: walking barefoot on the grass, watching sunrises/sunsets, laughing at your favorite sitcom, gratitude exercises, getting lost in a good story or the perfect cup of coffee.

And what does the retreat community say about Soul Soothers?

  • A Soul Soother can be a highlight, like climbing a high mountain peak, but I think it's mostly much smaller moments.

  • Soul Soothers have the potential to touch your heart through all five senses and to open you to things that bring you joy.

  • It is as if my soul caresses me and gives me wings at the same time.

  • Dark chocolate or a good cup of coffee.

  • For me, a Soul Soother is a feeling of contentment, ease and happiness.

  • The smell of pine cones on a walk in the woods, colors in nature and art.

I am very curious to see which Soul Soother your heart will find for you.

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